Concepts behind Sports Betting Strategies

Tracking Market Movements in Sports Betting

Understanding and getting behind the importance of market movements works as a significant betting strategy for sports bettors who try predicting winners of various sports events. By taking regular notice of the movement of odds at various bookmakers like Bet365 etc., sports bettors can consider themselves being on the right track to becoming successful pro bettors one-day.
Let’s understand the importance of such tracking by first throwing light on the famous Italian proverb, ‘Money Talks’ which dates back to 1600s! The inference to be drawn from this proverb is that a financial incentive is usually the most persuasive incentive one can use for getting some work done.
It remains true even in the modern times when the money flow can be said to be the most accurate method of figuring out the possible outcome of a future event. You can possibly predict future occurrences if you constantly track the pertinent market movements in everything ranging from important world affairs to sports events.
There aren’t many things that are darker than the terrorism futures market which was launched at a press conference held by the Defence Department of the US in the year 2003. It was actually an experimental Internet based futures exchange sponsored by the Pentagon.
Its formation was based on the hope that allowing traders to predict terrorist attacks in the Middle East, assassinations and wars, may help the exchange contribute to intelligence forecasting-related security services.
The idea of allowing general populace to benefit from punting on future atrocities led to a major public outrage and the idea was scrapped within 24 hours of its announcement.
Although there were several major moral issues with that terrorism futures market, the idea itself demonstrated the kind of high regard that money matters are held in. The same is applicable to sports betting too.
For instance, dramatic shortening of the winning odds of a tennis player is an excellent sign of the strong opinion about that person’s winning chances in the concerned match. There are no guarantees if that person will actually win or not, but if you are keen on betting on that match, the onus of deciding whose opinion you value more - your own or the market’s - relies completely on you!
Some of the reputed bookmakers in the business, such as Bet365, have built a reputation of being a place where everyone – bookmakers and sports bettors alike – gather to gain a better understanding of the sports betting market’s sentiments. One of the best indicators of the team or player you should bet on, is the movement in the opening odds offered by a bookmaker. This movement is a very strong barometer of smart money.
Why so? Simply because the business model of the best of bookmakers, such as Bet365, is built with the idea of providing best odds (lowest margins) at highest limits, without any account restrictions. Most of these bookmakers employ the ‘Stack them high and sell them cheap’ philosophy that Walmart is well known for, attracting many professional sports bettors who are looking to increase their potential profits!
In fact, a large number of bookmakers actually use the odds set by Bet365, after incorporating their own margins, before providing the final odds to their own respective clients. Unlike other conventional bookmakers, Bet365 doesn’t normally take any position on games. Rather, it employs its own team of highly professional traders for placement of early lines at lower limits, and just like a betting exchange, it relies on sharp sports bettors for market movements, thus gradually increasing the limits over a period of time.
Handicap bets placed on American football serves as an excellent example of such lean practice, as even though the minimum stake at Bet365 may be just £ 1, the regular game day handicap limit may be anywhere in the vicinity of £ 30,000 per bet, with bettors allowed to re-bet unlimited amounts (after allowing odds to refresh).
So, whenever the betting line moves in a certain game, you’re most likely to see it happening first on Bet365. Such efficient combination of sky high betting limits and attractive odds, along with the policy of allowing winning players, reinforces Bet365’s tag as being the bookmaker for serious sports bettors.
Apart from these USPs, Bet365 also allows bettors to monitor movements in the odds via its dynamic lines function, that depicts the direction in which the odds are moving.
What this means is that any player can place bets at exceptional odds and high limits at Bet365. Since it’s focused on attracting balanced action, sharp sports punters may sometimes be provided two maximum limit wagers on the team of their choice, before the line witnesses ample movement to discourage them. As mentioned above, whenever the line moves on a certain game, you’re likely to see it happening first at Bet365.
Low margin pricing by Bet365 enables it to generate significant volumes, making offered odds a direct result of efficient market conditions. If you are keen on knowing what’s actually meant by fair market price, you must simply refer to the odds set by Bet365 an hour prior to the start of a sports event.
All this information allows quick thinkers to act swiftly and make ample money in the long term by betting on odds which are far off compared to the odds set by Bet365, knowing well that Bet365’s odds are actually the best indicator of the number believed to be true by the market.
Regardless of the sports event you prefer to bet on, you can emerge a long-term winner as long as you consistently locate a total handicap that is 1.5 points better compared to what’s on offer at Bet365.